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UC Browser Viimeisin versio V6.1.2909.1213

UC Browser
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UC Browser - Lataa UC Browser, versio V6.1.2909.1213

Tällä hetkellä meillä ei ole arvostelua ohjelmalle UC Browser, versio V6.1.2909.1213. Jos haluat kirjoittaa arvostelun tälle ohjelmalle, kirjoita ja lähetä se meille, lisäämme sen tähän osioon mielellämme.

UC Browser provides a clear graphic interface which will look familiar to most users. While the design has a Chinese influence, the text is all in English and the tools are fast and easy to use. The ad-blocker is a useful function and uses advanced enough technology that it can prevent the newer advert types that other browsers might not deter. As with other similar apps, the download manager can indicate the size of the download and the time expected to completion. Drawing on its original mobile design, UC Browser for PC has a miniature mode which can be convenient and also offers a mobile experience on your PC so, if you’re used to using UC Browser on another device, you can replicate this sensation on your desktop. If you’ve been experiencing unacceptable lag with your current browser, then UC Browser for PC will revolutionize your browsing experience, boosting your load and render times substantially. UC Browser also enables you to open multiple tabs simultaneously without affecting the speed of your PC or resulting in a crash. With an impressive array of tools and features that leaves its rivals lagging behind, UC Browser carries a serious punch without clogging up precious memory space.


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